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Reduction of costs: The concept "on demand"

Our solutions enable compression of the costs without compromising the availability and security of the Data Centres.

Only spend what you need while preserving the future: Our wiring system, standardized and pre-tested, enables easy, reliable and modular assembly which requires:

  • No external intervention or specific training
  • No storage
  • No equipment
  • No tests

Preserve your existing architecture:

Our solutions are based on analyses of specific requirements: they offer future responses by taking into account your existing architecture.

We can, for example:

  • Maintain the existing structures of false floors and air-conditioning to adapt them to the new constraints
  • Increase the useable space of your Data Centre
  • Increase the availability of your machine room (at the level of the electrical power supply, temperature and even applications)
  • Increase proactivity by being warned in real time of any malfunctioning

Save up to 25% in investment!

  • Compactness and optimized patch panels; up to 32U saved per 19-inch 47U rack
  • A global but modular design enabling improved optimization: Grommets, power supply, air-conditioning, fire extinguishers...

Save up to 40% operating costs!

Modul' Data Center solutions enable a reduction in operating costs which can be up to 40% on energy and accommodation bills and availability.

  • Reduction of electricity bill thanks to solutions enabling to limit size of subscriptions, consumption of the UPS and consumption of the air-conditioning units
  • A new approach to containment coupled with cold corridors / hot corridors with insulation of the bays to avoid energy losses
  • Reduction of the floor space of your machine room can reach 70%; the surface area used becomes equal to the floor space and moreover you maintain all indispensable upgradeability!
Spend less today and manage your evolutions of tomorrow!


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